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There are so many organizations, business firms, and franchises in the nation. In the ever-increasing competitive world, there stands the need for specific regulative strategies. You can apply so many business strategies, tools, and techniques to your business and other organizations. And LSS is one such widely used strategy for ensuring the betterment of firms. You can use it to improve business processes and operations. However, you need helps from a reliable consulting company like us.

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Oregon is the organization you should trust when you need in-depth and professional help regarding Lean Six Sigma. To gather more information about Lean Six Sigma and how necessary it is for your organization, you should read this article.

LSS Oregon -What is Lean Six Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma?

The simplest definition of Lean Six Sigma is that it is the methodology that lays focus on business processes improvement by reducing the waste and variation. Various structures and frameworks are included, which support adding value to the processes of the firm. 

What are the different types of waste which Lean Six Sigma targets?

Using this efficient methodology of Lean Six Sigma, you can remove the following waste from the organization:

  • DEFECTS: It involves all the efforts which are inspecting and fixing the mistakes and errors encountered. Then working again to fix them is also considered non-value-added activity.
  • Overproduction: When you are producing more products or services compared to what is demanded or needed by the customer is also a form of waste.
  • Waiting: It includes idle time, which is created when the material, information, and equipment are not ready to carry out the process further. It also includes job setup time in the manufacturing. When the time taken for processing of data is high in the service industry is also considered here.
  • Non-utilized talent: It involves not leveraging the skills and creativity of the people at your firm. Employee empowerment can counter this waste. With Lean Six Sigma Experts of Oregon, we can aid in removal with proper guidance.
  • Transportation: Any movement of people, products, or any other equipment that is not adding any value to the product is considered a transportation waste.
  • Inventory: It involves not needed storing of the product manufactured or the materials required. It leads to a loss in the long run.
  • Motion: The movement of people, which uses energy and takes time, is considered here. The efficiency of the workmen is reduced as it causes unwanted movements.
  • Extra processing: These processes do not add any value to the product. When you work beyond the expectation of the customer is also not recommended.

Why is Lean Six Sigma gaining more popularity in the times of today?

The world today is dynamic. Implementing either Lean or Six Sigma alone does not benefit the organization. But when Lean Six Sigma is applied in integration, there are exceptional improvements. 

In this approach, first, the Lean methodology is applied to remove waste. Later, the tools in the Six Sigma methodology are applied to reduce variation in the processes. The improvement is continuous, where the Lean Six Sigma methods remove the complexity of different processes.

This approach is applicable to a huge variety of industries and organizations.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding Lean Six Sigma.

Common Q&As regarding Lean Six Sigma

Answer: The time required for achieving Lean Six Sigma certification:

  • Yellow Belt: the time taken for the course is 1-3 weeks
  • Green Belt: the time taken for the course is 2-7 weeks
  • Black Belt: the time taken for the course is 1-3 months.

The difference is so because these certifications have a different range of difficulty. The yellow belt is generally for beginners, the green is for intermediates, and the black is for experienced professionals.

Answer: Yes, Lean Six Sigma Experts of Oregon will support you in completing a real-life project.

Answer: Lean Six Sigma offers great help in the service industry. It improves service quality and service delivery. It also helps reduce the cost of service and increase the quantum of sales. Some projects which can benefit from Lean Six Sigma application in the service industry are:

  • Increase in Productivity of Agents
  • Increase in SLA Adherence
  • Reduce Turnaround Time for Customer Calls/Queries
  • Increase Customer/Stakeholder/Employee Satisfaction
  • Deliver Productivity for Customer
  • Increase in Team's Agility
  • Increase First Level Resolution
  • Decrease Reopen Rates
  • Reduce response and resolution times
  • A decrease in quality mistakes or errors

Answer: Yes, absolutely. To know more about Lean Six Sigma for startups, contact Lean Six Sigma Experts of Oregon today.

How can Lean Six Sigma Experts of Oregon a beneficial choice for Lean Six Sigma?

Learning Lean Six Sigma has never been easy. But in the state of Oregon, we have been considered the best Lean Six Sigma consultants by our clients. Our services are efficient and productive because of the following reasons:

Rates and prices

When you place our prices alongside what other organizations have to offer, you will feel that ours are most valuable and efficient. We will never back out even if your program has transpired.

Experience, education, and training of staff members

Most of the staff that works here has relevant experience in the field of Lean Six Sigma. The people here are talented and skilled. They work hard round the clock to make the concepts understandable and simplified. You can trust the effectiveness of our professionals.

Flexibility and versatility

Whatever business you own or whatever organization you are working in, Lean Six Sigma Experts of Oregon will never turn back on you. You are just one phone call away to get our services anywhere in Oregon. We firmly believe that you will never regret working with us. Our unique strategies help us achieve the best possible results out there. So, call us right now and avail of the services.

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